Saturday, August 7, 2010

How to use Google Voice for free unlimited calling to any mobile number

Google voice is an incredible telecommunications tool.  Not only can use set up Voice as a free local number for your family to call you on, but there are other great ways to utilize the call forwarding services to your advantage.

Most cell phone plans come with a limited amount of minutes that can be used (usually during the daytime).  Because Google Voice works as a forwarding service, you can have it connect a call for you and forward it to any mobile or land-line phone.  Here are 2 options for free (for you) calling.

Option #1 - use a land-line with unlimited incoming calls.  
Most all land-line phone services offer free local calls and free incoming calls.  This can work both ways to your advantage.  With outgoing calls, when you dial out from your Google Voice number (via the Google Voice website), Google will call you and connect you to the long distance number for free.  If your Google Voice number is local for you, you can call your GV number directly and dial out from your land-line.
Option #2 - Add your Google Voice number to your cellphone plan's free unlimited calling list.
Some cell phone carriers allow you to have a small list of numbers where you don't get charged any minutes for calling.  When you use your Google Voice number as one of your unlimited calling numbers, you can now use Google Voice as a bypass and call any United States number without using any of your "minutes."
If you don't have a Google Voice number, signup today.  Visit to sign up

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